Plant Detail

Plant Detail
Botanical Name
Clematis heynei - Roxb.
Common Name
Murhari, Banjai
Climbing shrub
Clematis triloba Heyne. ex Roth. Nov.
wild on hill slopes and planted in gardens
Color Of Flower
Key Characters
Climbing shrub with opposite leaves, twining petioles
Systematic Position
Division :
Class :
Series :
Order :
Plant Description

Perennial, extensive, climbing shrub; stem and branches sulcate and tomentose; leaves opposite, exstipulate with twinning petioles, simple or 1-3 lobed, lobes ovate to cordate, 3-nerved, margins entire, cuneate or cordate at base, mucronate at apex, puberulous on both surfaces, densely tomentose when young; flowers 1-7 in axillary, corymbose panicles; bracts foliaceous; flowers 4-5 cm across, actinomorphic, white, fragrant; sepals usually 4 sometimes 6, valvate, membranous, oblong, spreading from the base, silky outside, deciduous, often petaloid; petals absent; stamens many, free, filaments glabrous, ligulate at base, anthers linear, narrow, connective not produced inner shorter with longer anthers; carpels many, apocarpous, each with one, pendulous ovule; styles persistent, very long, feathery; fruits compressed, villous, achenes about 2 cm across with long, persistent, feathery tails.

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